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In 2020, the Department of Basic Education (DBE) launched a field test of a New Teacher Induction (NTI) programme. “Teacher Induction in South Africa has happened in different ways and in different schools, but research tells us that it was very uncoordinated”, explains Mr. Gerrit Coetzee, director for Initial Teacher Education with the Department of Basic Education and the driving force behind the initiative. The process was initiated by the DBE, set up in collaboration with the South African Council for Educators (SACE) and supported by VVOB – education for development.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

The materials that were developed for the NTI field test are Open Educational Resources (OER) and can be used by all educators:


Mentor training materials. District officials will use these materials to train school-based mentors:

  • A pathway to mentoring, explaining the importance and approach to mentoring;
  • Mentor training manual (with accompanying PowerPoint presentation) to assist mentors to support the teachers.

Induction materials for teachers. The manual is split into three parts:

  • Background of 7 induction themes, based on the professional teaching standards;
  • Concrete activities related to the 7 themes;
  • Reflections on activities and themes, which will serve as a portfolio of evidence.

The materials are also available on FundaOER, a platform for Open Educational Resources in South Africa. Read the full article on the NTI field testing on our news page.