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Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) management system: Theory vs Reality

On 6 and 7 September, SACE, with the support of VVOB, organised a national conference on the Continuing Professional Teacher Development Management System (CPTD MS) that brought together important stakeholders to reflect on recommendations to improve and institutionalise the CPTD system.

The National Policy Framework for Teacher Education and Development (NPFTED) gave SACE overall responsibility for the implementation, management and quality assurance of the CPTD MS. The Integrated Strategic Planning Framework for Teacher Education and Development 2011-2025 (ISPFTED) also states that, in the context of this Plan, SACE has an important quality management role to play in promoting and supporting the system for identifying and addressing teacher development needs. SACE’s responsibilities in this regard include ensuring that the providers of teacher development programmes are fully approved by SACE; that the professional development courses available for teachers are endorsed by SACE and that these can lead to the accrual of Professional Development (PD) points on successful completion. Educators need to report on their uptake of PD activities and collection of PD points through their Professional Development Portfolio (PDP).

Objectives of the conference

The main objective of the conference was to take stock of the CPTD MS and to develop recommendations to strengthen its implementation. The conference offered an opportunity to reflect on the system, analyse process challenges and offer recommendations on the way forward.

The conference was opened by Dr. Nduna-Watson (former PRODCO chairperson), Mr. Toolo (CPTD Coordinator) highlighted the expectations and outputs, Ms. Mokgalane (CEO) gave a status report and Dr. Rambau (Auditor-General) warned of a grim future if the education system does not succeed.

DBE, the five unions and SAPA gave each a brief message confirming the importance of CPTD and importantly confirming their support to (improving) the system.

Afterwards, the participants were divided into groups to reflect on three different topics: advocacy and support to strengthen teacher participation in CPTD MS; strategic issues relating to the CPTD MS on policy, collaboration and institutionalization; and monitoring and evaluation of the system. Insights were shared in plenary the next day.

Way forward

CPTD is not an option, it is a necessity, given the social realities of the country. All stakeholders agreed that it is a collaborative effort to institutionalise the CPTD MS at all levels and that continuous research is needed to keep on improving. Special attention will be paid to advocacy, user-friendliness, ICT integration, PLCs, quality control… An ongoing monitoring system and refreshing of the planning will support the process.

The conference has re-energised the CPTD MS process and has provided information, insights and direction for the next steps.

The conference was organised by SACE, with the support of VVOB.

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